Commenting Guidelines

These are the commenting guidelines for Mr. Jewell’s class. Make sure to leave a good digital footprint on the Web. We would love it if you follow the rules when you comment on our blog or anyone else’s blog. Happy commenting!

1. Politely introduce yourself when you comment or join a new discussion thread.

2. Always remember to stay on topic when posting a comment. When someone comments on your blog, remember to respond and check out their blog.

3. Use proper spelling and grammar in your comments.  For example, don’t replace are with r or you with u.

4. It is important to think about what you want to say before you submit your comment.  Read any other comments that have been made on the post, first, to make sure your comment adds to the conversation about whatever work the blogger has posted.

5. You should always be positive when you comment.  You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Be nice when commenting, and if you disagree, state it nicely. It’s always polite to say something you liked, too.  It’s also important to not flame a thread/blog. (Flaming means starting an argument and ruining the point of the thread.)

6. Don’t plagiarize.  If you use someone else’s work, give credit to the original author.

7. You should always look over your posts to make sure you have followed the Commenting Guidelines.

8. It’s a good idea to end your comment with a question. This starts a conversation. Being open, but not to open, is another good thing. You want people to know what you are like, but don’t include your last name, email addresses, addresses, etc.

9. You should always sign off your comment with your name.

10. Have fun commenting!

Guidelines created by Haley, Jude, Sophia, Jake, Zoe, Sydney, Georgia, and Collin–March 2014.

2 thoughts on “Commenting Guidelines

  1. Hi Mr. Jewell,
    I think we should change the header picture 😀. It’s not us, but a previous class. We have a picture, right?


    1. Hi Kathe,

      I agree that it’s high time that we update our blog to reflect this year’s students. What other ideas do you have?


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