Student Blogging Challenge: Week 3

This week’s challenge is about adding media to your blog–and doing it responsibly!  We’ve spent a lot of time discussing our rights and responsibilities as creators this year, and I thought this week’s challenge might provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the extent to which we’ve been applying what we’ve learned on our blogs.

A few weeks ago, I asked volunteers to create a video to add to our “About” page, introducing us to other bloggers.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video that your classmates created.


What questions would you have about the images chosen if you were not from Cardiff?

Which images speak to you most?  What’s missing?

Have the creators whose images and music that are used in the video been given credit?  Do we have the right to use their content?  If so, what is the evidence for this?  What revisions might we make to the video to make this more clear?  Is there content that we need to remove?

Please respond to the questions above as a comment on this post.

Step 2: Evaluate the pictures on your own blog

Have you been thoughtful about which images you use, making sure you have the right the images that you add to your blog and giving credit to the creator?  If so, invite us to check it out by commenting on this post.

Step 3: Check out some of the resources for finding images and music listed in this week’s challenge.  Add an image or music to your blog, using one of the resources, and then invite us to check it out by commenting on this post.


37 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge: Week 3

  1. Hello, this is Scotty and I really like the video because it explained where we live and what it’s like to live here. But, I think that some of the pictures were long. To improve this, make some of the slides shorter.
    Thank you,

    1. Same here surfing is a huge part of Cardiff and maybe add some surfing videos too!🏄🏄

  2. I really liked how Niall put the whole thing together and how much everybody contributed to the video. I also really like Riley’s singing, great job Riley!

  3. I really like how we added about the culture and beaches, but I think we should add more images of surfing because it is a big part in Cardiff and more class photos.😄🏄

    1. Same here and also I think we should add class photos that have been more recent.

  4. I wish we had included more in the culture section like surfing pictures. 🏄🏄🏄🏄

  5. Who is who? Maybe we should say which name belongs to which kid.

  6. The video gave me a good idea of what life is like in Cardiff. However, it was missing a few of the San Diego sports teams.

  7. Is that all the sports you do in the class because I’m pretty sure people do things other than soccer, baseball, and football. Also I think you should maybe put a list of all the kids in our class and our blogs so they could check us out after the video!!!

  8. I really like the pictures of the beach and the Encinitas sine, but maybe leave out the no snow part but I liked the video.

  9. We did a really good job! Although I think we should add some more pictures of surfers because that would show that we live in a small surfer town.

  10. I really like how Riley sang Riptide instead of putting the original song in there! Good job Riley!! But I would say that you need to include more pictures of the beach and of people surfing because Cardiff is the “beach town”.

  11. Also I really liked Riley’s singing she did a great job also everyone else and the photos they added to this amazing video

  12. I really liked how we showed all of the sports teams, but we are missing softball. Lots of people play softball here!

  13. I really love the singing in the backround! I think that we should have made the picture with the snow a little shorter tho.

  14. I thought this was a great video! Really good job Riley, and awesome job to everyone who helped make the video. I thought we made it pretty clear that it’s always sunny, but I think that we need to add SURFING into the movie because that’s a huge part of a lot of our everyday lives.

  15. I really liked this video because I thought that it made a clear understanding to someone in another part of the world of what it is like in Cardiff. Good job to the people in Mr. Jewell’s class who made this video.

  16. That was awesome! From Sports teams to Music (Good Job Riley) to just sunny Cardiff… Awesome job guys!

  17. I LOVED the video… But I think maybe a few more pics for weather would be better.

  18. I really liked it the song and the Cardiff pictures but on the “NO Snow” picture I thought you cold have shortend the length of how long it was on the screen

  19. I liked how you added that the weather is always sunny, and that you used a picture of the Cardiff Kook

  20. WOW! Great video. I wished you had put some of the locally owned stores here in Cardiff and Encinitas, like Swami’s, VG’s, Pipes etc., but overall I loved your video. Great singing Riley!

  21. Nice video everybody! I really loved how you guys explained our cities weather and how you guys explained a lot of the sports we do here in Cardiff. I would have liked to see maybe some of the top restaurants we eat at here like Sambazon, or Bull Taco. Some stuff like that. Again, a really cool video!

  22. I really liked how you guys added the picture of the class. It showed the classes personality. I wish the slide that said no snow was shorter, but otherwise good job!

  23. I liked the music, and the pictures, but i diddn’t like how most of the images were blurry.

  24. It really describes were we live but the snow part is a little bit to long.

  25. I really liked how you had Riley do the music instead of downloading the song it was a great way to use the song without copyrights (nice job Riley)! Maybe you could do more pictures of common places in cardiff like VG’s or seaside market.

  26. Great job on the video guys, can you do more pictures of the beach since we live on the coast

  27. I like how you guys and girl spent a lot of time in this but I wish you put more surfing pictures. 🙂

  28. I loved the video. Riley your voice is AMAZING! I wish that you added a couple more pictures of our school, but I thought you guys to an awesome job!

  29. Emphasize the cook, add surfing pics, and I think snow part is a little long. Really great job!!!!!

  30. I think that the video decribed a lot of what happens in Cardiff, but I would have liked it if you had put in some images of people surfing, becuase I think that surfing is a large part of the community of Cardiff. I also loved that Riley was the one that was singing and playing that guitar.

    1. Hi Isabel,

      I’m glad you checked out our blog and liked Riley’s rendition of “Riptide!”

      Just like an image that you find on the Internet and want to use in your own creative work, you have to make sure you have permission to use someone’s song–even if you do the singing yourself–and credit the artist who wrote it.

      My students tried to make it clear that the song Riley played was composed by Vance Joy, but the question remains as to the whether they have permission to use it in the video . . .

  31. Wonderful blog by the way who is singing she has a beautiful voice. Anyway keep up the good work!

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