Student Blogging Challenge: Week 7

So . . . you’ve created a few new posts, maybe even embedded the project that you created using Scratch.  Want others to check out your work and give you feedback?

Here’s the key: Start reading others’ posts and leaving quality comments on their blogs.  (Just ask Scotty who, with 518 visitors and counting, is well on his way to meeting his goal of getting 1500 visitors by June 12th!)

For tips on leaving quality comments, check out the Commenting Guidelines page on our class blog.  When you discover a blog that you like, leave a quality comment and invite the blogger to engage in conversation with you, either by responding to your comment or checking out one of your recent posts.

I also encourage you to create a blogroll or links widget to your blog to add links to the blogs that you like.  Your fellow bloggers will appreciate it and will most likely add a link to your blog to their own, which is good for all parties involved!  If you’re unsure how to add a blogroll or links widget, check out the instructions in Week 7: Let’s Play a Game post of the 2015 Student Blogging Challenge.

How many quality comments will you leave this week?

Student Blogging Challenge: Week 6

This week’s student blogging challenge is all about exploring “play,” which sounds like fun and is also a great opportunity for you to share the projects that you have been working on in Scratch with a larger audience.  I’ve included a short video, showing how to share your game on your blog.

If you do decide to post your project, I invite you to write a brief description of the assignment and reflect on your learning process as you planned, worked on, and published the project.  You could use this as your weekly blog post for the week!